Gloval is a leading firm in valuation, engineering, and real estate consulting services. Born from the integration of companies such as Ibertasa, Valtecnic and VTH –known for their strong market position, with over 70 years of combined experience and responsible for more than 5 million valuations–, its team comprises more than 1,000 professionals spread across Spain and capable of providing international assistance.

Gloval has earned the trust and caters for the needs of all the key players in the real estate industry. Its value proposition revolves around its extensive knowledge of the market, which allows the company to become a true partner of its clients in a wide range and projects. Gloval also combines quality, technical rigor and a firm commitment to technology.


Gloval organizes its activities around four business units through which the company is able to add value across the entire real estate value chain: valuation, consulting, engineering and data analytics.

GLOVAL Valuation

We carry out a wide range of valuations based on different national and international quality standards (including the likes of ECO, RICS and TEGoVA), and aimed at different purposes: assessment of mortgage loans, evaluation of assets for banking institutions, estates, investment funds and real estate investment trusts, and valuation of technical provisions, among many others.

Gloval also analyzes and assesses any other kind of assets and portfolios through automated methodologies and processes. The company conducts market research, closely monitors real estate developments and valuates large concessions.

GLOVAL Engineering

Our engineering business unit revolves around three areas:

  • The design of constructive, urbanistic or conservation projects, among others.
  • The supervision and oversight of those projects, including control of quality plans, technical control reports (OCTs) and technical inspections.
  • And sustainability, helping our clients obtaining energy certifications and accreditations, and carrying out audits and efficiency reports.

GLOVAL Consulting

Our consulting business unit offers a wide portfolio of services, from project consulting (including asset and investment feasibility analysis) to the integral management of projects and assets, as well as accompanying our clients in their transactions.

The company also carries out audits and due diligence, analyzes capex investments, manages real estate developments, structures projects and advises its clients on how to manage their assets and estates.

GLOVAL Analytics

In a moment in which digital economy has become a global and disruptive force, we create value for our clients by analyzing large amounts of data, both internal and external and through our own technology, aimed at predicting future scenarios and market conditions for different industries.

Our experience across the complete spectrum of the real estate and financial industries gives us a strong position to provide valuable information and applied analysis to all kinds of projects. Thanks to our own systems and deep learning and business intelligence tools, we are able to transform information into actionable insights to contribute to our clients’ growth, while ensuring data protection.


Gloval faces new challenges under the ownership of the private equity firms Charme Capital Partners and Miura Private Equity and the company's own management team. The firm plans to double down on its customer-centric strategy in a context in which new real estate actors increasingly demand comprehensive, highly customized, flexible and accurate services.

To answer to these new market demands and strengthen and expand its leadership and that of its constituent companies, Gloval plans to expand its portfolio of services, target new industries and grow geographically.

This ambitious growth plan will be based on leveraging the extraordinary capacities of its team and on searching opportunities for inorganic growth, while benefiting from a shareholder structure committed to back that expansion.


Roberto Rey

President & CEO

Joaquín Elízaga

Financial Director

Estanislao de la
Quadra Salcedo

General Director of Gloval Valuation

Rafael Pinedo

Director of Corporate Development and Investor Relations

Javier Heredia

Commercial Director


General Director of VTH


Chief Executive Officer of Valtecnic


Director of Operations of Gloval Valuation

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